About Tenterfield

The Tenterfield Shire sits atop the Great Dividing Range at the northern end of the New England Tableland, amid a contrast of rugged mountain beauty and serene rural landscapes. A historical district surrounded by bush lands and national parks, Tenterfield enjoys warm summer days, cool alpine winter nights, blazing red autumns with tree lined streets and bright wildflower springs.

Tenterfield Shire consists of the main town of Tenterfield, as well as the seven surrounding villages of Drake, Jennings, Liston,Legume, Mingoola, Torrington and Urbenville. Each village is unique with their own distinct character, and each has strong connections to past days of mining, timber cutting and agriculture.


  • Population (town of Tenterfield) – 3,100
  • Population (Tenterfield Shire) – 6,811
  • Tenterfield Shire Area – 728,890 hectares
  • Elevation – 882 m above sea level

The population of Tenterfield has grown approximately 4.43% since 2005.


Warm summer days are followed by cool evenings then transformed into a blaze of rich colours as tree lined streets change through the autumn hues. Brisk winter nights give way to the welcome warmth of winter sunshine.

SUMMER Min 13.9° Max 26.7°
AUTUMN Min 8.7° Max 21.5°
WINTER Min 1.9° Max 14.6°
SPRING Min 7.9° Max 22.2°


As a community the district has been faced with closure of major industries over the years, including the abattoir industry, timber industry, tobacco industry, rail industry and power industry, all of which have had major impacts on employment and population. Today Tenterfield is a strong community with many varied industries and a population level that closely reflects that of Tenterfield’s heady industrial past. Tenterfield has long embraced change and redeveloped from being reliant on major industry for its economic survival to one of diversity and innovation.


Tenterfield Shire Council is committed to assisting the business community to manage future change by encouraging initiative ideas and new technologies, and facilitating training opportunities through Trade and Investment NSW, Regional Development Australia Northern Inland and Destination NSW, in conjunction with Tenterfield and District Business Association and Tenterfield and District Visitors Association.

Tenterfield Shire Council currently plays a major role in the planning of the “Northern Growth Corridor”, a transportation pathway linking Queensland to Tenterfield, and in turn our surrounds in all directions utilising Tenterfield as a “hub”. Council views this as an opportunity to “open up” the New England Region to the NSW east coast to facilitate future development of liveable inland cities, as well as to create and enhance existing essential infrastructure linking NSW to Queensland, as well as the NSW coast to inland NSW.

International Connections

Tenterfield has signed a Sister City agreement with Ottobeuren in Germany. The Partnership Deed was signed in October 2002 to establish fairness and an understanding of international freedom. The agreement ensures a future of international exchange in education, culture and environment between these two towns.

Best Known For:

  • Birthplace of the Nation – Sir Henry Parkes delivered his Federation Speech in Tenterfield in 1889
  • Entertainer Peter Allen was born in Tenterfield and immortalised the town through song – visit the Tenterfield Saddler
  • Bald Rock National Park – the largest granite monolith in the Southern Hemisphere measuring 750m wide and 1300m above sea level