Why Tenterfield?

Overlooking town of Tenterfield

The business precinct of Tenterfield is instantly appealing, boasting a diverse range of retail outlets, professional services and supermarkets, enhanced by a central park and gardens, excellent cultural centre and public library. The café and restaurant industry is progressive, offering a wide selection of menus and great coffee experiences. This is supported by 3 hotels, a bowling club and a golf club, all providing a la carte dining.

The accommodation industry, including both motels and bed and breakfast establishments, is a vital part of the tourism industry providing for domestic, national and international visitors.

What makes Tenterfield the place to be?

  • Location and proximity to South East Queensland and western mining areas
  • Easy travel distance to major centres – Warwick, Toowoomba, Goondiwindi, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Lismore, Northern Rivers, Armidale & Tamworth
  • Proven resilience and ability to diversify with a strong history of achievement.
  • Excellent housing opportunities and new housing estates
  • Excellent investment opportunities in commercial and industrial land and properties
  • A well established and expanding tourism industry
  • Opportunity to develop niche market industries
  • Stable community with a capacity to provide expertise, skills and qualifications to support business growth and development.

The town of Tenterfield lies directly on the New England Highway, with the main street being the highway itself. The highway has recently been upgraded in a joint project between the NSW RMS and Council, resulting in a high pedestrian zone and speed limit for vehicles of 40kph. This makes the towns shopping district and town square highly visible to passers-by using the New England Highway to travel north or south.